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City breaks ground on 7th Ward Nora Navra library

The new facility will be bigger and better than before

Mayor Mitch Landrieu, center, leads the breaking of ground of the new public library in the 7th Ward.
Photo by Eric Craig, Curbed NOLA

Last year, the City of New Orleans made plans to rebuild a 7th Ward library lost to Hurricane Katrina. Today, March 7, contractors broke ground on the New Nora Navra library located on 1902 St. Bernard Avenue.

After Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans public Library system was decimated. The Nora Navra library was impacted and later closed due to a lack of funding and hurricane-related damages. Over the last seven years, Mayor Mitch Landrieu vowed to properly fund, renovate and reconstruct 15 libraries in New Orleans.

“These libraries have always been an essential part of the neighborhoods,” Landrieu said.

“These centers are away for communities to stay strong, resilient and to connect with each other,” he added.

The previous structure, built in 1954, was 2,500 square feet.

The new library, designed by Manning Architects, will be 7,800 square feet and will cost over $3.3 million. The project is expected to be completed by Summer of 2018.

The new library will also have children reading area, computer station, multi-purpose meeting areas and staff offices.