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American Can to renovate commercial space

Get ready for a better looking American Can

Shops at American Can are located at 3700 Orleans Avenue
Eric Craig, Curbed NOLA

This spring, the American Can plans to make it easier on shoppers by refreshing its exterior.

According to an official release, the renovations will include new overhead signage, plate glass windows, improved lighting, and refreshed sidewalks connecting that will better connect retail space. The new plate windows will make it easier to look into and look out of the shops.

The renovation will also add nearly 1,000 square feet of retail area to the American Can Company.

The Can company did not address if any of its 268 residential units would be impacted by the upcoming renovations.

Currently, the American Can Company has leased 70 percent of its commercial space. Last fall, the Mid-City library moved from the American Can Company to 4140 Canal Street.

Last year, the American Can Apartments became a hot topic in affordable housing options in New Orleans.