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Evaluating price ranges in New Orleans: Mid-City

Curbed NOLA’s runner-up 2016 Neighborhood of the Year

Our friends at NeighborhoodX have analyzed house prices in New Orleans for the last month. So far, the analytics and research firm evaluated 10 New Orleans neighborhoods in depth and released a global analysis of fifteen popular neighborhoods in the city.

This week, NeighborhoodX will evaluate analyze Curbed NOLA’s runner up 2016 Neighborhood of the Year: Mid-City.

The average price per square foot of a Mid-City home is $181.

3208 Palmyra Street

On the higher end is 3208 Palmyra Street, priced at $315 per square foot. This renovated 788 square-foot condo has one bedrooms, one bathroom. HOA dues are $175/month.

On the lower end of the analysis is 4326 South Carrollton Avenue, priced at $103 per square foot. This two-story double has six bedrooms, two bathrooms and 4,600 square feet of space.

“To put these numbers in context, the neighborhood's pricing falls between that of Gentilly ($124/square feet) and Algiers Point ($184/square feet)," said Constantine Valhouli, co-founder of NeighborhoodX.

"And the most expensive property in [Mid-City] ($315/square feet) is slightly more expensive than the most affordable property in the French Quarter ($285/square feet),” he added.

The Mid-City neighborhood is bounded by Broad, Orleans and City Park avenues, St. Louis Street, and the interstate.

To look at other properties gathered by NeighborhoodX, check out the interactive graph below. Click on any address to see more information about that particular property.