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New Orleans East residents, activists discuss secession from city

New Orleans East residents feel ignored

Yesterday, during an East New Orleans Neighborhood Advisory Commission meeting, dozen of attendees discussed the idea of seceding New Orleans East from the City of New Orleans.

At the meeting, residents were concerned about the lack of attention New Orleans East has received over the past decade, compared to other districts in the city. Most notably, several residents were concerned about the lack of revitalization and available jobs after Hurricane Katrina.

According to WDSU, New Orleans East houses around 80,000 residents and and provides less than ten percent of the City’s property tax revenue.

New Orleans East would not be the first neighborhood to consider secession from the City of New Orleans. In 2015, Algiers garnered support to secede from New Orleans, but it was later dismissed by State legislature. Similar to New Orleans East, then-Louisiana House of Representative Jeff Arnold told that he felt his district was being ignored.