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Planned Lower Garden District bed and breakfast gets zoning approval

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This building will have absolutely no rear space

A new artists-run bed and breakfast is planned on 1476 Magazine Street, on the corner of Magazine and Race streets. Recently, the project was stalled until the City’s Board of Zoning Adjustments approved the site for a Rear Yard Setback waiver.

The developer will use the waiver to excuse the property from meeting the minimum rear space requirements by the Board of Zoning Appeals. While the Board requires at least 15 feet of space, the developer plans to have zero.

The total site is 8,500 square feet, which includes 1,200 square feet of commercial office space.

Planned development at 1476 Race Street
via OneStop/City of New Orleans
via One Stop/City of New Orleans

According to Canal Street Beat, the three-story development will have a ground floor office, a nine-room bed and breakfast on the second floor, and four residential units on the third floor.

The bed and breakfast co-op will be run by artists, who will operate the bed and breakfast in exchange for housing and a stipend. Four artists are planned to live on site on the third floor of the development.

While there is no general word on the architect of record, the Office of Jonathan Tate has released some renderings of the potential building that can be found on the designer’s official website.