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City breaks ground on Keller Community Center

Rebuilt from the ground up

Rendering of the planned Keller Community Center
Rendering courtesy of Holly and Smith Architects

Today, the City of New Orleans is overseeing the ground-breaking of an all-new Keller Community Center located on 1814 Magnolia Street. Built in 1890, the building was a two-story fire station until it was converted into a New Orleans Recreation Development Commission facility in the mid-1990s.

The new facility is expected to cost $450,000.

The original building was severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and later demolished in 2015.

The new facility is expected to be one story and 2,000 square feet. Other highlights include an open-floor meeting room, a warming kitchen and pantry, an office area, and porches surrounding the facade of the building. The new building will continue to support NORDC activities through its youth technology center, morning exercise classes for seniors, and STEM and arts programming.

The improvements will not affect the existing basketball court and parking lot, according to official documents filed under the City Planning Commission.

The Office of the Mayor announced Huda, LLC, will be the general contractor and Holly and Smith are the architects of record.