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Analyzing price per square foot in 15 New Orleans neighborhoods

From the cheapest to the most expensive

The average price per square foot ranges from $51 to $563 in New Orleans
Photos courtesy of Chris Smith, Gardner Realtors

For the past month, our friends at NeighborhoodX have evaluated home prices in New Orleans. This time around, the analytics and research firm is taking a global look at fifteen neighborhoods in the city.

According to Neighborhood X, the price-per-square foot ranges from as low as $46 and as high as $980 per square feet in New Orleans. The low end is representative of the Lower 9th Ward, while the higher end is visible in the French Quarter.

"We used price per square foot as a metric to compare neighborhoods because it allowed a meaningful comparison between different areas," said Constantine Valhouli, co-founder of NeighborhoodX.

"Median selling price is a more common metric, but it doesn't take into comparison the different types of properties in different areas. It might offer skewed results because one neighborhood has smaller properties compared to another one,” he added.

The French Quarter comes in with the highest cost per square foot average at $563, followed by the the Garden District ($332), Touro ($331) and Marigny ($322). On the lower end of the spectrum is the Lower Ninth Ward ($51), 7th Ward ($121), Gentilly ($126), and Mid-City ($181).

NeighborhoodX also released in-depth data on particular New Orleans neighborhoods, including:

Uptown, Treme, Garden District, Marigny, Irish Channel, Bayou St. John, and French Quarter.

Below is an interactive graph that visualizes the price per square foot in fifteen different neighborhoods. Hover over any neighborhood bar to see the average and range of its price per square foot.