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Children’s Hospital of New Orleans releases first look video for upcoming campus

They’ve planned a nice-looking campus

Rendering of the completed, expanded Children’s Hospital
All rendering via Deveney Communication

This past January, Children’s Hospital of New Orleans announced the start of its campus expansion. The $225 million expansion is expected to be completed throughout three phases.

Yesterday, the Children’s Hospital released a first look video at its new campus.

The video highlights several of the expected renovations, including a new skybridge, and the exterior of the cardiac intensive care unit, neonatal cardiac intense care unit, cancer center, and its 400-car parking lot.

During the expansion, the New Orleans Children Hospital acquired the New Orleans Adolescent Hospital building from the state. According to Uptown Messenger, the Hospital is awaiting approval of historic tax credits for the preservation and renovation of that building.

The construction phases are broke up into three parts, according to an official release. The first and last phase—which include the parking garage and skybridge—will be completed by 2020. The middle phase—the renovation of the NOAH building and additional care units—will be completed in 2.5 years.