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Evaluating price ranges in New Orleans: The Fairgrounds

Averaging $186 per square foot

Now that Jazz Fest is over, and the crowds have cleared the streets, our friends at NeighborhoodX have found it a perfect time to evaluate prices of homes in the Fairgrounds.

The average listing price in the Fairgrounds neighborhood is $186 per square foot, ranging from $107 to $324 per square foot.

On the lower end is this 2,094-square-foot double with six bedrooms and two bathrooms, priced at $108 per square foot.

On the upper end of the spectrum is this sidewall shotgun located at 3049 Ponce De Leon Street. The 1,200-square-foot home has two bedrooms and one full bathroom.

3049 Ponce De Leon
via Hill Riddle, Jr. & Associates, LLC

The Fairgrounds is bounded by Esplanade Avenue, Broad Street, and Bayou St. John, while encompassing several smaller streets just before the interstate 610.

Most notably in the neighborhood is the Fair Grounds Race Course that is the third-oldest racetrack in New Orleans. The fairgrounds is also where the annual New Orleans jazz 7 Heritage Jazz Festival is held.

To learn more about price ranges in the Fairgrounds, check out the interactive graph below. Click the addresses on the graph to learn more about each property.