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Instagram user uses imagination on New Orleans’s Plaza Tower

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Redeveloping the tower via art

Located on 1001 Howard Avenue, he Plaza Tower is one of the tallest vacant buildings in the city.
via TonyTheTiger/Wikimedia Commons

Ever wondered what New Orleans’s towers could look like under an abstract lens? Well this Instagram user does.

Thanks to a Curbed New Orleans Tip, we found out about this anonymous user that creates eccentric digital art based on New Orleans towers. The user, @towerfantasy, has over 150 post with around 325 followers. The artist’s digital creations feature some of the tallest buildings in New Orleans, including One Shell Square, Plaza Tower, and the Energy Centre.

There is even on sweet photo that has a Creole cottage juxtaposed with what seems to be the very top of Plaza Tower.

While the appearances of other New Orleans’s towers are few in comparison, the majority of the artist’s creation are centered around the Plaza Tower—which measures in at 531 feet or 45 stories tall.

The third tallest building in New Orleans, Plaza Tower has sat as a vacant building since 2002 because of safety concerns. In its prime, the Plaza Tower held several offices and few residential spaces.

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Developer Joe Jaeger, Jr., bought the building in 2014, but redevelopment plans have never surfaced since the purchase date.