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New Orleans Lower Garden District hotel transformed into modern hostel

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A new take on hostels in New Orleans

The developers of The Quisby focused on functionality and local craftsmanship when they restored the hotel and created the hostel.
All photos courtesy of The Quisby

This past January, The Quisby, one of New Orleans’s newest hostels, opened at the old Audubon Hotel. The opening of the hostel entailed the restoration of the 80-year-old building.

Located on 1225 St Charles Avenue, this hostel has over 60 bunks over 30 rooms. Lodgings range from $27 to $115/night, with each room having custom-made bunks, a neat collection of sci-fi and adventure books, an international collection of vintage magnets.

During the renovation process, the developers chose to maintain many of the old hotel’s distinctive attributes, including the Audubon Hotel sign near the top of the building. They did, however, replace the old awning with a new one that takes cue from the original, but with added modern flare.

“The building was just sitting there completely vacant, and we saw an opportunity to create something unique to New Orleans,” says David Gindin, General Manager at The Quisby in an official release.

Gindin said that the redesign of the hotel into a hostel revolved around functionality and local craftsmanship.

“During the renovation process, we reached out to as many local craftspeople as possible and had them come in and throw around ideas,” he added.

If you’re in love with the hostel, check out some of the cool art on its Instagram page.