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This developer proposed townhouses to replace Freret Street’s closed Publiq House

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The development doesn’t align with the city’s master plan

A drawing of the planned Freret Mews
All images via City of New Orleans/One Stop

Officially called Freret Mews, Density BUMP LLC plans to propose nine townhouses to the City Planning Commission later this year. The units will face both Freret and Cadiz streets.

Earlier this month, the City Planning Commission initially gave a recommendation to decline the project, but granted a deferral for consideration to the developer until the commissions’s next meeting this August.

The site, if approved, will take the place of the former Publiq House on 4528 Freret Street, right on the street’s shopping strip. Linder Baptie Architects designed the townhouses.

The planned development will have nine townhouse units, placed within a 28,800 square-foot lot. According to the specifications submitted to the City of New Orleans, each home will have two bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. Twenty-eight parking spots will be available for use.

The homes will sit directly on the sidewalk, offering zero front yard space, three-foot side yard space, and a 15-foot backyard.