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New Orleans RTA on Transit Center: two Canal Street lanes open until late August

Great news if you’re river-bound

The RTA announced that two downtown-bound Canal Street lanes crossing City Park Avenue will remain open until late August.
Image via New Orleans RTA

Starting July 31, City Park Avenue, between Canal Street and Canal Boulevard, will be partially closed as the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority builds its new Cemeteries Transit Center.

Yesterday, NORTA announced that two river-bound Canal Street lanes crossing City Park Avenue will remain open until the end of August. This update comes after it announced all lanes crossing the construction site would remain closed for the duration of the construction.

NORTA plans for the transit center construction to start on July 31 and end on November 27. Sidewalks in the construction zones along City Park Avenue, Canal Street, and Canal Boulevard will be partially closed to pedestrians during the process.

Starting July 31, NORTA will begin construction of its Cemeteries Transit Center, located at City Park Avenue. The transit center construction will extend the Canal Streetcar line across City Park Avenue onto Canal Boulevard. At the center, transit riders will easily be able to transfer to JeT and NORTA buses that stop on City Park Avenue.

NORTA says the City Park Avenue overhaul will make the intersection safer for both pedestrians and drivers while improving connectivity between transfers for transit riders.

For more information of detours and closures, check out the New Orleans RTA’s Cemeteries Transit Center presentation on its official website.