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10 must-follow Instagram accounts that capture New Orleans architecture, culture

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View the city from a different lens

Sometimes Instagram timelines need a refresh. If you’re looking to revamp your timeline with New Orleans architecture and art, check out these quintessential New Orleans-based Instagram accounts.

The users—the photographers—all have a different way of capturing the essence of the city. Some focus on older architecture, which adds to historical flare of New Orleans. Others highlight the culture, from Mardi Gras Indians to large scale events such as the French Quarter Festival. And, in some cases, some users showcase illustrations to prove there is no place like the Big Easy.

Whether you’re into woodwork, or historic New Orleans homes, we gathered 10 of the best Instagram accounts that will give your timeline a stronger New Orleans feel.

Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comment section.


A post shared by David L'Hoste (@davidlhoste) on

If you want to take a break from life and absorb the beautiful architecture of New Orleans, check out this profile. On this page you’ll fine gorgeous New Orleans homes and a sprinkle of New Orleans culture.


A post shared by TowerFantasy (@towerfantasy) on

Highlighted this past June, this user creates and displays abstract art that uses the vacant Plaza Tower as a subject.


A post shared by David (@davidnola) on

This photographer has a knack for capturing the culture-filled street life of New Orleans, along with some beautiful homes along the way.


A post shared by Valerie (@nola_val) on

Instagram user @nola_val captures beautiful imagery of creole cottages and shotguns.


A post shared by Paul Broussard (@mauxfo) on

If you’re looking for an eclectic taste of New Orleans culture, view this freelance photographer’s page. This user captures art, architecture, and the all-around essence of New Orleans.


A post shared by Bmike Odums (@bmike2c) on

Do you want more New Orleans art on your timeline? Check out New Orleans mural artist Bike Odums and his several mural creations. Odums also created the murals and art present at Studio Be Art Exhibit, located in the Marigny.


If you’re interested in seeing illustration of New Orleans architecture, this user creates amazing illustrations of some of New Orleans well-known buildings and designs.


Another one-of-a-kind illustrator, this user captures the best of moments in New Orleans, and, of course, the city’s gorgeous architecture. @walkingmanstudios also uses a beautiful color palette, filled with bright and warm colors.


A post shared by GoodWood (@goodwoodnola) on

If you’re a fan of quality woodwork, this Instagram page may be suited for your timeline. Good Wood has made quality pieces for several New Orleans establishments.


A post shared by Susan Whelan (@nolamaven) on

This Instagram user captures beautiful site on the architectural, entertainment and food scene. A great sneak peak into life in New Orleans.