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New Orleans grassroots initiative wants traffic cameras removed

City won’t budge on its position

One group wants to get rid of traffic cameras in New Orleans, and it plans to get at least 10,000 people to support its initiative.

On Thursday, July 27, grassroots organization NOLA Initiative formed as an opposition to the growing traffic cameras in New Orleans.

Citing the Orleans Parish Charter, Section 9-201., the Initiative, states that it only needs a petition with minimum of 10,000 registered voters to introduce a measure on a ballot to reverse traffic cameras in the city.

“It’s Inherently unfair in the way the tickets are being issued. There are constitutional concerns at hands,” says NOLA Initiative Founder Mike Bowler. “It’s interesting that the city targets school zones. Those are the tickets that have the highest cost.”

Bowler began the initiative shortly after he learned that amendments to the charter can be introduced with a petition. Currently, the Initiative stands as a small advisory committee that actively recruits volunteers.

“The signature portions will be the easy apart. One dedicated volunteer can get 400 signatures in a week,” Bowler says. The initiative plans to introduce an amendment by early next year.

“The purpose of the traffic camera program is to keep people safe...” says an official spokesperson for the City of New Orleans in a FOX 8 News report. “The technology promotes safety while using less police officers allowing the NOPD to focus more on violent crime."

Since last December, the Department of Public Works installed over 40 traffic cameras around New Orleans. For a list of traffic cameras and affected intersection, check the DPW’s official website.