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New Orleans one-bedroom rent falls during July

The same’s not true for two-bedroom apartments

For the past month, rent has been a hot topic for New Orleans.

For starters, New Orleans ranks as the best place to build large-scale apartments (complexes with more than 50 units), but it’s also the slowest at building them.

New Orleans ranked No. 1 in the city with the highest rent hikes in the nation in the past six months.

However, this month Zumper revealed that New Orleans ranks No. 22 in the city with the most expensive rent. Last July, New Orleans ranked No. 18.

The rent analysis data comes from Zumper’s National Rent Report, which evaluates over one million listings in over 100 cities throughout the nation. Specifically, researchers at Zumper analyze one- and two-bedroom units throughout each city.

This past July, the average one-bedroom unit in New Orleans rented for $1,260/month, about five percent less than last June. Two-bedroom apartments have remained the same at $1,600/month.

Check out the graph below to see how New Orleans compares to the national fluctuation of rent prices.