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New Orleans Moonwalk to get overhauled in July

The same walk, with a new look

It seems like New Orleans waterfront will have a whole new look in a couple of years.

Recently, the French Market Corporation awarded Dynamic Constructors a $2.95 million contract to renovate the moonwalk, reports. The renovations will include shade trees, and wide staircases that lead to the river (which means no more maneuvering around those unsteady rocks to get a good view of the water).

Dynamic Constructors will begin the renovation on July 14 and expect for the project to be completed by Spring of 2018. Officials reported to that this renovation is in connection with New Orleans tricentennial celebration in 2018.

While parts of the moonwalks will be renovated, its not the only part of the waterfront that will change. This past June, the City of New Orleans and Port of New Orleans began discussion about handing ownership of the Governor Nicholls Street and Esplanade Avenue Wharves from the Port to the City.

While the discussion is tentative, the Mayor’s Office hints at using the land for “public Enjoyment” in a June press release.