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How does New Orleans’s average housing price compare to other big cities?

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On average it’s less expensive

Over the past couple of months, our friends at NeighborhoodX have released research on house prices in several New Orleans neighborhoods. In fact, with the research and analytics team’s help, Curbed New Orleans created a map that ranks New Orleans neighborhoods from least to most expensive.

So, how does New Orleans compare to other big cities such as Philadelphia, San Francisco, and New York? It’s among the least expensive.

In a recent global analysis of New Orleans, the city has an average price of $259/square foot, ranging from $37 to $999.

Other neighborhoods under analysis include Philadelphia ($301/square foot), Austin ($345/square foot), Los Angeles ($417/square foot), Boston ($751/square foot), San Francisco ($1,185/square foot), and New York City ($1,428/square foot).

The average price per square foot in San Francisco and New York City out price some of the most expensive properties in the French Quarter and the Central Business District.

"There's a temptation when one analyzes a city to stop the analysis at the city limits," says Constantine A. Valhouli, Director of Research for NeighborhoodX. "But it's worth comparing cities, to see what insights are revealed when the data are side by side."

Check out the interactive graph below to learn about city price ranges. Click on any city to learn more about its local neighborhood price ranges.