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$3.2 million condominium with 75-units planned for Bywater

Construction starts next month

Over the last couple of years, there have been several developments slated for the Bywater, including this 105-unit development and this much smaller 32 Hundred Development by MK Red.

Now, Developer Ward Investments announced plans to build a $3.2 million residential condominium, dubbed The Saxony, which is slated for completion in Spring of 2018. The development will take the place of an abandon warehouse, formerly addressed 3925 Burgundy Street.

This condo will sit less than a mile from a $30 million mixed-use condominium in the Bywater that is already in the works.

Currently, Latter & Blum listed six reservation units, ranging from $325,900 to $642,500. Units will have anywhere between one and three bedrooms and bathrooms, maxing out around 1,500 square feet. The listed penthouse unit will have two private balconies and a terrace.

All photos via Shelley Lawrence/Latter & Blum

Model rooms of the planned development at 900 Bartholomew Street.

Canal Street Beat reports the five-story development will have units starting at $189,000. All units will have hardwood flooring, European style cabinets, and access to parking, gym, and a pool.

Construction of the development will start in September of 2017.