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New Orleans to auction over 185 adjudicated homes

There’s at least one good home out of this bunch

The City of New Orleans will auction over 185 adjudicated properties as part of its blight reduction strategy. Listed by the City, the first set of available homes can be seen on Civic Source’s official website.

Currently, the first set of homes under the bidding process are slated to end today, August 2, at 8 p.m. All homes are sold with a full title.

Homes adjudicated to the City of New Orleans are the result of the previous owner being delinquent on property taxes. After a three year process, the property is officially transferred to the City.

905 Royal Street.
via Orleans Assessor

Out of the 185 homes that will be auctioned by the City of New Orleans, one is located in the French Quarter. 905 Royal Street, a former commercial hotel, is now assessed at $148,250, with over $193,000 due in taxes.

The City did not list 905 Royal Street in its first set of homes on the the Civic Source auction site.

To view all of the auctioned homes, visit this Civic Source map. To learn more about the Adjudication process, check out this message from the City of New Orleans.

Based on the map, the majority of the homes are located in the Lower 9th Ward, Treme, 7th Ward, Central City, and Gentilly.