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New Orleans: Bywater price range in August of 2017

Using price per square foot to evaluate cost of housing

Over the last few months, our friends at NeighborhoodX have analyzed house prices in New Orleans. So far, the analytics and research firm evaluated over 10 New Orleans neighborhoods in depth and released a global analysis of seventeen neighborhoods in the city.

Today, NeighborhoodX revisited the Bywater neighborhood. In August of 2017, the firm has valued the average price per square foot in Bywater at $309. In a Curbed New Orleans map that ranks 17 neighborhoods from least to most expensive, the price of Bywater homes are similar to Uptown at $311/square foot.

"However, the individual properties that make up that average range from $202/square feet (for a double at 1023-25 Montegut Street) to $553/square feet (3220 Chartres St. #2D)," says Constantine A. Valhouli, Director of Research for NeighborhoodX.

Valhouli notes that the upper-end of the price chart does not include nearly identically-priced units, which would skew the data.

3220 Chartres Street.
via City of New Orleans/Mathes Brierre Architects

The most expensive home is this planned condo unit on Chartres Street. Priced at $553/square foot, this home will have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,445 square feet. Highlights will include its 12-foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and unique interior design. The asking price is $800,000.

This Bywater duplex located on Montegut street ranks as the least expensive home, priced at $202/square foot. While there are no details on the particular units, this home has a total of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,820 square feet. The asking price is $368,000.

To look at more properties in Bywater check out the interactive graph below. Click on any address to learn more about that particular property.