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New Orleans City Council jumpstarts Claiborne Corridor market place under Interstate 10

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City spearheads Claiborne with several new installations

As an effort to enhance the Claiborne Corridor, New Orleans City Council approved an ordinance that will allow the City to lease and use the land under the I-10.

The Network for Economic Opportunity and Foundation for Louisiana plan to partner to create a 19-block cultural corridor, dubbed the Claiborne Corridor Cultural Innovation District, which will serve as a community market, hub, and learning center. Specifically, this corridor will advance social and business operations for residents and businesses near the Claiborne Corridor.

Neither organization haas released an official completion date of the planned District.

Rendering of the planned Claiborne Corridor Cultural Innovation District.
Image via The Network for Economic Opportunity reports that the U.S. Economic Development Administration awarded the City of New Orleans an $840,000 grant to jumpstart the underpass’s renovation.

The Foundation listed the first phase of the project on its website, which entails revamping the underpass between Orleans and Esplanade avenues and adding retail space and infrastructure for 30 micro-enterprises, 10 small businesses, and 10 spaces for non-profit and public sector organization. Built with green infrastructure, the corridor will also have art installations, exhibits, and cultural demonstrations.

New Orleans wouldn’t be the first to reimagine an underpass. Our sister site, Curbed, found seven unique examples of underpasses converted into public spaces.