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New Orleans Museum of Art: Partial street closure for over a year

Addressing Hurricane Katrina damages

The New Orleans Museum of Art’s basement overhaul will take over a year to complete, effectively blocking traffic on Collins Diboll Circle.
via NOMA

Starting this August, the New Orleans Museum of Art said it will renovate its basement damaged by Hurricane Katrina and Issac. The project, which will cost will $8.4 million, will take over one year to complete.

During the construction process, the southwest quadrant of 1 Collins Diboll Circle will be closed to traffic.

To mitigate traffic, Anseman Avenue will be turned into a a two-way street between Dreyfous Drive and Victory Avenue. Dueling Oaks Drive will reverse traffic flow, becoming a one-way street heading to NOMA for the duration of the construction.

The City of New Orleans is leading the reconstruction of the basement, according to Margaux Krane, the communications and marketing manager for the museum.

Based on the drawing plans submitted to the City of New Orleans in March of 2016, the contractor will remove nearly 25,000 square feet of four-inch thick concrete, add a water-proofing layer, and apply new concrete on top of that layer.

The process involves the removal and relocation of critical mechanical hardware that operates the museum.

Shortly after Hurricane Issac in 2012, which worsened the Hurricane Katrina Damage, The New Orleans Museum of Art secured $6.9 million from FEMA for repairs.

Eskew+Dumez+Ripple will serve as the architect of record and Hernandez Consulting and Construction are the listed contractors for this project.