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New Orleans City Council to hold special meeting on Saturday’s flood, drainage, and pumps

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Reflective windows bounce sunlight off New Orleans City Hall behind a park lined with lampposts on a brick pathway
New Orleans City Hall.
Photo by Vegasjo/Wikimedia Commons.

1:10 p.m. Council MemberStacy head was absent. Six members of the council are present.

On Saturday, August 5, parts of New Orleans underwent flooding with over eight inches of rain falling in a matter of hours.

Today, New Orleans City Council will hold a special meeting regarding the rain event, hoping to better understand why many parts of the city flooded this weekend. Members of the New Orleans Sewage and Water Board will answer questions posed by the council.

Curbed NOLA will live tweet the event on its official Twitter page.

The Council meeting, open to the public, will be held at City hall Chambers at 1 p.m. To watch a live stream of the event, visit the official New Orleans City Hall website.

Members called forth a special meeting last Sunday, August 6. Williams, along with other council members want to express concerns about rising water levels during Saturday’s storm.

On Sunday, City officials released the record of rainfall in several neighborhoods:

  • Broadmoor- 5.49 inches
  • Mid City- 9.43 inches
  • St. Bernard- 5.74 inches
  • Gentilly- 3.94 inches
  • Lower Nine- 3.64 inches
  • Lakeview- 4.71 inches
  • City Park- 4.96 inches
  • Lower Coast Algiers- 1.54 inches
  • New Orleans East- 0.74 inches
  • St. Roch- 5.62 inches
  • Hollygrove area- 2.07 inches