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Check out this aerial view and update on NORTA’s upcoming Cemeteries Transit Center

Its been nearly two months so far

City Park Avenue between Canal Street and Canal boulevard will remain closed until November of 2017.

This past July, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority broke ground on its new Cemeteries Transit Center, which will connect the Cemeteries streetcar line, four RTA Buses, and two Jefferson Parish Transit lines.

During construction, NORTA has blocked off a portion of City Park Avenue at the Canal Street and Canal boulevard intersections. RTA maintains its current completion date of November 27, 2017.

Nearly a month after construction began, RTA announced the development is under its second phase of construction. With roughly two months to go, no lanes at the City Park Avenue intersection will be accessible to transit. The site also bars pedestrian and bicycle access.

While access to this part of Lakeview remains limited, RTA created several detour maps to access several local businesses impacted by the project.

The planned center will extend the Canal Streetcar line across City Park Avenue onto Canal Boulevard. The open center will serve as a hub connecting JeT (E-1 and E-4) and NORTA bus (27, 45, 60, and 91) lines. Other improvements include new bus shelters, signalized crosswalks, and added stop lights.

This past September, RTA released a visual update of the construction site at City Park Avenue.