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What is your favorite street in New Orleans?

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If you could only choose one

Uptown New Orleans house
Which street is your favorite in New Orleans?
Fotoluminate LLC / Shutterstock

Let’s be honest, there’s no city like in New Orleans anywhere in the world. Between its unmatched Mardi Gras experience, historic architecture, and lovely neighborhoods, there’s a lot to see and do.

But which street in New Orleans is like no other?

Could it be the tree-lined St Charles Avenues in Audubon? Magazine Street in the Lower Garden District? Or maybe a small residential street in Lakeview?

If you had to highlight your favorite street in New Orleans—whether it be for walking, cycling, or driving—what would it be? You can list monuments, architecture, parks, developments, shops, ambience, or even safe crosswalks as a reason for your pick.

Don’t worry if you’ve visited New Orleans once or lived here your entire life. Let Curbed NOLA know which street has a special place in your heart in the comments.