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New Orleans ranks 21st in nation for green residential construction

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New Orleans has to do more to be in the LEED

When you think of New Orleans, “green” might not be the first thing that comes to mind. In a recent study, the New Orleans metro area ranks 21st in the nation for having the most Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-certified constructions.

In an analysis created by ABODO, the New Orleans metro area currently has 502 LEED-certified project underway.

On average each resident project is around 7,670 square feet. For every 1,000 people in the metro area, there are about 0.4 projects under way. Comparatively, New Orleans 502 projects look pretty small when compared to LEED-construction leaders, such as the Dallas metro area (3,797), Washington D.C. metro (2,675), and Los Angeles metro (2,251).

Texas, California, and New York hold the most LEED construction projects.

While New Orleans doesn’t rank first, it does have its share of LEED-certified green projects. For starters, Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation has added several LEED certified homes to the Lower 9th Ward. In fact, three of the foundations home went on the market over the last two months.

While not residential, this developer has proposed a green hotel in Central City.