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3 homes under $300k in the Bywater

A rarity in the Bywater

Last month, our friends at NeighborhoodX evaluated home prices in the Bywater, which has an average price of $309/square foot. Leaning towards the more expensive side of the city, house prices in the Bywater ranks between West Riverside and the Marigny.

Exploring the middle ground of the price range, here are three homes near and below the average price per square foot of $309. All of the homes featured have a listing price under $300,000.

827 Congress Street - $229,000

Featured on Curbed’s unique shotgun list, this vibrant abode ranks on the more expensive side at $311/square foot. Built in 1930, it has an airy living room, open floor dining room, and ceilings reaching 10.5 feet. This 736-square-foot home has a renovated bathroom and furnished kitchen. While the backyard may lack landscaping, it does hold a useful workshop/storage space. The realtor will host an open house Sunday, September 10, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

700 Congress Street #700 - $259,000

For $30,000 more, you can buy this charming condo that sits about a block from Crescent Park. Highlights include hardwood flooring, tall ceilings, open floorplan, and a simple-but-functional kitchen. At 1,104 square feet, it holds two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also has covered off-street parking. HOA dues are $355/month.

733 Alvar Street - $295,000

Priced nearly $100 under the average price per square foot in the Bywater, this Victorian home sports a simple facade and has off-street parking at its side. At 1,350 square feet, it has three bedrooms and one bathroom. While the photos may not do it justice, this two story home has a multicolored interior and separate living and dining spaces.