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The Curbed Cup 2017 winner is… Mid-City

Check out the final bracket

illustrations by Kevin Whipple

After a long weekend, readers voted Mid-City as the winner of the 2017 Curbed Cup. This second-seed neighborhood overtook runner-up Lower Garden District, leading the poll by 57 points.

In Curbed Cup 2016, despite having a long list of developments, Mid-City lost to Algiers Point. In 2017, The Point lost to underdog neighborhood Bayou St. John.

The Lower Garden District, an underdog neighborhood in this year’s Curbed Cup, held its ground impressively, dunking on several higher-seed neighborhoods. Though, we’re proud of all 16 neighborhood that competed in this year’s Cup.

So, here’s the final bracket for Curbed Cup 2017.

We look forward to developments that 2018 will bring to all of New Orleans. We’ll host the next Curbed Cup at the end of this year.