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Open Thread: Chipotle gets permit to operate on Magazine Street. What do you think?

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It will be unlike any other Chipotle Restaurant, City Council says

After pushback from residents in the Garden District, Chipotle Mexican Grill has obtained a conditional use zoning permit from the New Orleans City Council. The Mexican-food chain will maintain the exterior facade of its planned 2801 Magazine Street location—the former Radioshack suite.

“Given that this is a build-out of an existing structure, the increase in impact generated from the proposed Chipotle will not have a negative effect on the surrounding neighborhood or businesses,” City Council wrote in its Council News Summary.

The Council also notes that this Chipotle Restaurant “will be unlike other Chipotle restaurants and fast food establishments,” explaining its plans to accommodate an outdoor patio and oak furniture. Uptown Messenger reported that the new restaurant will also have a “recessed glass-and-metal storefront.”

What are your thoughts on Chipotle moving into the Garden District? What kind of impact do you think it might have on Magazine Street and the neighborhod? Leave your comments below.