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New Orleans’s most and least expensive home prices in January of 2018

From the French Quarter to the Lower 9th Ward

a street of historic buildings in the new orleans french quarter
NeighborhoodX consolidated home price ranges in New Orleans for the month of January.
Jorg Hackemann /

Last year, real estate in New Orleans was filled with many bargains and several expensive listings. In an effort to consolidate those finds, our friends at NeighborhoodX have analyzed the least and most expensive homes prices in New Orleans in January of 2018.

The research and analytics firm found market-rate properties ranging from $54/square foot to $1,308/square foot.

”It is a sign of a healthy city that there is a 24 times variation in the properties in this analysis,” said Constantine Valhouli, Director of Research for NeighborhoodX.

”On one hand, the upper end of the market suggests the disposable income available and the market for luxury properties. At the other end, the extraordinary affordability is something that underscores that New Orleans is open to homeownership for a broader range of incomes than many other cities of its size.”

With an average of $539/square foot, the French Quarter remains the most expensive neighborhood in New Orleans. The Lower 9th Ward has the least expensive average at $59/square-foot, and also holds the least expensive listed property in the city.

To see how other New Orleans neighborhoods compare, check out the interactive graph below. Hover over each neighborhood to learn about the range of its listing prices.