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RTA will officially open its Cemeteries Transit Center to streetcars, buses this Sunday

It’s finally complete

After six months of construction and safety testing, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority will officially open its Cemeteries Transit Center Hub to streetcars and buses. The City of New Orleans and RTA will hold a grand opening for the new hub on Friday, January 5, at 10 a.m. The event is free and open to the public.

Buses and streetcars will begin service at the new transit center on Sunday, January 7.

The Cemeteries Transit Center Project overhauled the intersection at Canal Street and City Park Avenue, and the intersection at Canal Boulevard and City Park Avenue. In December, NORTA finished the transit center and opened the intersections to pedestrians and motor vehicle traffic. It spent the following month conducting safety tests for public transportation vehicles that will operate in the City Park Avenue transportation hub.

The grand opening comes months after RTA created several detours for buses and the streetcar line that serviced the two impacted City Park Avenue intersections.

RTA constructed its new transit center to improve safety conditions for pedestrians, drivers, and commuters.

The new center now has an extended Cemeteries Streetcar line that connects to a general hub where public-transport commuters can easily transfer between streetcars, NORTA buses, and Jefferson Transit buses.