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Petite cottage in Treme asks $225K

The brand-new construction faces a green space and is just a few blocks from the Lafitte Greenway.

Photos courtesy Sissy Brewster of Keller Williams Realty

In a historically black, culturally significant neighborhood that’s been marred by short-term rentals and expensive flips, it’s refreshing to see a new construction with a relatively modest price tag. This two-bedroom, one-bathroom Creole cottage occupies what was formerly a vacant lot in Treme. It’s five blocks from the Lafitte Greenway and seven blocks from Armstrong Park.

The home’s floor plan makes good use of its 750 square feet. Very little space is wasted on hallways, and the cottage fits snugly in its lot, with narrow landscaped strips framing its facade and side. The square home is roughly divided into quadrants, one serving as the entry/living area, another two as bedrooms, and one as a kitchen and bath.

Though efficient in its footprint, the home is not without its finer touches. Pine floors, marble kitchen and bathroom countertops, transoms, stainless-steel appliances, and subway tile accents are among its highlights. Best of all, every room features large windows and ample natural light.

Via: Sissy Brewster of Keller Williams Realty

Lafitte Greenway

Lafitte Greenway, New Orleans, LA 70119