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This Uptown shotgun has a vegetable garden with its own rainwater irrigation system

Did we mention it’s only $299K?

Photos courtesy Sissy Brewster of Keller Williams Realty

Here’s something you don’t often see around the Magazine Street corridor: a 100-year-old shotgun home for less than $300,000. This one-bedroom, one-bathroom house has charm to spare (it’s framed by a white picket fence!) and a $299,000 price tag. The high ceilings, fireplaces, and hardwood floors are features you’d expect to find in a historic Uptown building. But what really sets this shotgun apart from the pack is what lies beyond its 910 square feet: a lush, productive vegetable garden with a rainwater irrigation system.

The long, narrow bed bisects the lot, so it’s easily accessed from either side for weeding, tending, and harvesting. (Now is the time to plant winter vegetables, such as greens and cauliflower.) Note the cistern tucked in the corner next to a small shed—a water system that was around when this shotgun was built and that continues to be relevant. In fact, this would be a good home for anyone who wants to go off-grid. Its large windows, high ceilings, and transoms were designed to promote cross-circulation and cool breezes in a world without air conditioning. There’s also ample space for outdoor living, including a front porch and a very inviting deck.

While the home’s outdoor living spaces are truly exemplary, the interior is nothing to sneeze at, either. French doors open to a nook of an office. In classic shotgun configuration, the office leads directly to a bedroom, which leads to a sleek kitchen, which leads to a living room.

A stacked washer-dryer, wainscoting, and stained-glass window are squeezed into the small-yet-functional bathroom. You’d be hard-pressed to find a home that makes more efficient use of space.

Via: Sissy Brewster of Keller Williams Realty