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This Uptown shotgun double uses its space creatively and offers a three-for-one deal

The multifamily home has three units and a pool

Photos courtesy Katie Witry of Witry Collective

This shotgun double in Uptown wins points for its exceptionally creative renovation, which added on-trend features (including vaulted 24-foot ceilings and a spiral staircase) while preserving the home’s role as a multi-family dwelling. There are two units in the main house (a larger owner’s unit on one side and a one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit on the other), plus there’s a 347-square-foot studio apartment in the rear.

You’ll find most of the visual excitement in the main house’s high ceilings and graceful spiral staircase.

The main unit is 1,392 square feet, with two bedrooms and one bathroom downstairs, plus an additional bedroom and half-bathroom in the sunny, 175-square-foot loft. There’s also an elevated platform that’s perfect for a mattress.

The newly painted kitchen has granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances. Wood floors are present throughout the home.

Highlights of the master bathroom include colorful tile and a Jacuzzi tub. Solar panels keep utility bills low.

The other side of the double is a 710-square foot, one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit.

The home sits in a walkable tract of Uptown, just a few blocks from Magazine Street. The asking price is $595,000.

Via: Katie Witry of Witry Collective