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St. Patrick’s Day 2018: Parties and parades in New Orleans

Parade season isn’t over just yet

New Orleans Revelers Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
Here are 5 St. Patrick’s Day events you can catch this weekend.
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This weekend New Orleans will join several other cities in celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. From the Bywater to the French Quarter, here are five events you can attend to celebrate the holiday this weekend, March 16 to March 17.

Friday, March 16

Molly’s at the Market & Jim Monaghan’s Parade

Getting ready to #parade for #stpatricksday

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Starting at 6 p.m. you can catch this evening parade rolling in the French Quarter on Decatur Street. The parade will start on Decatur Street toward Canal Street. It will then make a right on Bienville Street, another right on Dauphine Street, and a right on Conti Street. The parade will then make a left on Bourbon Street, a right on Governor Nicholls Street, and a right on Decatur Street. The 36th annual parade, which will have carriages and marching groups, will start and end at Molly’s at the Market.

You can easily attend this parade by taking the Canal Streetcar and exiting on the Decatur Street stop, which is two blocks from the parade at Decatur and Bienville streets.

Saturday, March 17

Tracey’s St. Paddy’s Day Party

Next up: Tracey’s

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Starting at 11 a.m. Tracey’s restaurant will not only kick off St. Patrick’s Day in the Irish Channel, but it will also be the ending location for the annual Irish Channel Parade, which starts later in the day.

Your best bet will be driving or biking to the block party. If you plan on taking the Magazine Street bus on the parade, keep in mind that it will operate on an alternative route on St. Charles Avenue to avoid the parade. If you take the streetcar, expect to walk at least six blocks to the Block Party.

Parasol’s St. Patrick’s Day Block Party

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This block party is less than a block from Tracey’s restaurant, but will start at 10 a.m. and end at 8 p.m. Much like Tracey’s on the block, it will be liveliest after the Irish Channel Parade ends. Keep in mind this one ends earlier.

Irish Channel Parade

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This annual New Orleans parade will roll at 1:30 p.m. The parade will start at the intersection of Napoleon Avenue and Tchoupitoulas Street, heading up Napoleon Avenue. Once it hits Magazine Street, the parade will make a right. Maintaining Magazine Street for a distance, it will make a right on Jackson Avenue and end at the intersection of Jackson Avenue and Chippewa Street.

Common throws include beads, doubloons, and vegetables. Though, the most sought after throw is cabbage

If you take the St. Charles Streetcar line until Napoleon Avenue, you’ll be seven blocks from the parade. If you’re willing to catch the parade toward the end, you can take a Blue Bike and park it at one of the two hubs along Jackson Avenue. Just keep in mind that the service area for Blue Bikes ends just past Jackson Avenue (and if you park a Blue Bike beyond that area, you could be hit with a heavy fee).

Downtown Irish Club Parade

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Starting at 6 p.m., you can catch the Downtown Irish Club’s 41st annual parade. It starts at the corner of Burgundy and Piety streets. It will then roll through the the Bywater on Piety Street, making a right on Royal Street. The parade will make a left on Frenchmen Street and a right on Decatur Street. In the CBD, it will make a right on Canal Street, and then a right on Bourbon Street. It will end at Bourbon and Orleans streets.

If you’re not parking in the Bywater, renting a Blue Bike would be the best option to catch the start of the parade. You can park the bike at the hub located at Mickey Markey, which is two blocks from the start of the parade.

So far, NORTA has not listed a service alter for the Canal Streetcar line, meaning that you could take it to the stop at Canal and Bourbon streets, catching the end of this parade.