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May home prices in 16 NOLA neighborhoods

Hollygrove holds the least expensive property this May

Recently our friends at NeighborhoodX published an cost-per-square-foot analysis on listed home prices in New Orleans for this May.

Hollygrove ranks as the least expensive neighborhood to buy residential property, with its lowest market-rate listing priced at $50/square foot. The French Quarter holds the most expensive property at $1,308/square foot.

”That said, this represents the overall range,” says Constantine Valhouli, the director of research for NeighborhoodX. “Within that, the chart shows how each individual neighborhood’s price spread compares to the overall range.”

Valhouli notes that even the least expensive properties in French Quarter ($274/square foot) and Central Business District ($310/square foot) compare to some of the average-priced residential properties in other New Orleans neighborhoods, particularly in the Lower Garden District ($296/square foot), Irish Channel ($262/square foot), Freret ($252/square foot), and Faubourg Livaudais ($248/square foot).

To see how neighborhood prices in New Orleans compare on a square-foot basis, check out the interactive graph below. Hover over any neighborhood to learn more about its listing averages. And if you’re interested in the trend for 2018, check out how New Orleans did last April.