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Attend a free Mid-City sinkhole and pothole tour this weekend

Learn what causes them and how to prevent them

If you’re interested in learning why New Orleans has so many potholes and sinkholes, you’ll have a chance to study them this weekend. WWNO, The Lens, and ISeeChange will host a free walking tour on sinkholes and potholes in Mid City on Saturday, May 12, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The tour will begin at the intersection of the Lafitte Greenway Trail and North Jefferson Davis Trail, and will end at the Mid-City Yacht Club at 440 S. St. Patrick Street.

Organizers will lead attendees along several potholes and sinkholes that were submitted by residents. They will also lead a discussions on how the state’s costal issues, infrastructure, and sinking rates are related to the city’s reoccurring potholes and sinkholes, and solutions to these issues.

In 2016 study, Stantec consulting firm reports that 65 percent of the city’s roads in “poor” condition. The firm estimates that New Orleans would need to spend $3.6 billion to improve all of its streets to a “fair” rating over the next 10 years.