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Midtown Hotel on Tulane Avenue sells for $2.7 million

It’s been on the market for nearly three years

Earlier this week, M&S Hospitality sold the Midtown Hotel located at 3900 Tulane Avenue to Tulane Hotel Group for $2.7 million.

Tulane Hotel Group has not publicly announced any immediate plans for the building. However, according to the City of New Orleans One Stop, The Tulane Hotel Group filed a building permit application in October of 2017 for minor exterior renovations of the building. The renovations included painting shutters, windows, balcony, and deck.

In 2013, M&S Hospitality—a hospitality company that leased the building—bought the 102-room Midtown hotel for $1.7 million.

Mid-City Messenger reports that M&S Hospitality put the building on the market nearly a year after the purchase for $3.8 million. But the building didn’t sell until Tulane Hotel Group bought it for $2.7 million.