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Architect Albert Ledner’s ‘ashtray house’ is up for grabs

The storied midcentury modern home sits on an island in Bayou St. John

Photos courtesy of Tom Bookhardt at United Real Estate Partners

Modernist architect (and Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice) Albert Ledner left his unique, often whimsical, touch throughout New York and New Orleans, where he spent the bulk of his career. His spirit is especially evident at 28 Park Island, which he designed in 1962 for a couple who smoked. Twelve hundred amber ashtrays line the fascia and interior of the four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom, 3,650-square-foot house, which counts former mayor (and now convicted felon) Ray Nagin among its former owners.

It’s one of three Ledner-designed homes on Park Island, an oak-shaded Bayou St. John enclave accessible by boat or bridge.

The ashtray motif continues throughout the poolside deck and stone patio, which features a barbecue pit and practically begs for Man Men-caliber cocktail parties.

Inside, walls of windows admit views of the landscaped front and rear yards, allowing the natural and built environments to intermingle.

Rosewood paneled walls and slate floors lend the living areas a warm, organic feel and further enforce the interior’s connection with nature.

In the bathrooms, find waterfall faucets, soaker tubs, and marble floors.

Ready to be part of this house’s colorful history? It asks $849,900.

Via: United Real Estate Partners