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Locals can use the city’s bike-share program for free this month

Ride for an hour at no cost each day in September

Photo courtesy of Destinie Hammond, outreach coordinator at Blue Bikes New Orleans

New Orleans’ bike-share program launched almost a year ago. Since then, locals have become accustomed to cyclists trundling along on the clunky-yet-technologically-advanced (they have GPS tracking and electromagnetic U-locks) cruisers. However, not all New Orleanians have tried riding Blue Bikes .

This month brings an incentive to test-drive the program, which was created by the City of New Orleans and sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. New Orleanians can ride Blue Bikes for one hour every day at no cost through September.

You do need to register for a Blue Bikes account, which requires a credit card but doesn’t cost anything. Riders with pay-as-you-go memberships automatically receive a free hour of ride time daily through September. Cyclists with subscription memberships can find promo codes that unlock the free daily hour here.

Ride time over the hour daily limit costs 13 cents/minute. There are 70 Blue Bike stations in New Orleans. To find one near you, click here.