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Architect Albert Ledner’s star-shaped home is still for sale

The asking price for this modernist masterpiece has dropped from $829K to $624K

Photos courtesy Warren Backer Jr. of Engel & Völkers New Orleans

For architecture fans who wish to invest in a historically significant modernist masterpiece, this may be the deal of the century. The price tag on Albert Ledner’s personal home has decreased by $205,000. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom star-shaped home hit the market in March 2018, four months after Ledner passed away at age 93.

It’s “a house where no two walls were parallel and no ceilings flat,” as Ledner’s daughter Catherine told the Times-Picayune in a 2008 interview.

A 1948 graduate of the Tulane School of Architecture, apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright, World War II veteran, and father of three, Ledner designed buildings in New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. His playful, eccentric influence on modernist architecture is profound, and it’s embodied by the multi-winged home that he built for himself and his family in 1957.

The 3,000-square-foot home sits on an oversized lot in the family-oriented Lakeview neighborhood. From its furniture to its striking interplay of geometric forms—hexagonal skylights, triangular transoms, and sharply angled vaulted ceilings—Ledner designed the home’s every aspect. He also spearheaded its restoration after Hurricane Katrina, a process documented by the New York Times.

He lived there for approximately 60 years. As a result, the house feels almost like a crystallization of his creative spirit.

To date, Ledner is the home’s only owner.

Via: Warren Backer Jr. of Engel & Völkers New Orleans


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