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Creatively renovated Uptown cottage asks $439K

How cute is the backyard?

A beautifully landscaped backyard and a creative use of space are the two standout features of this renovated Uptown cottage, which sits on a corner lot near the University area. A foyer staircase leads to the master bedroom and bathroom, which are tucked under the eaves of the house. In addition to carving out more livable space, this master suite also creates some interesting geometry downstairs. There, you’ll find an L-shaped living and kitchen area, which wraps around two more bedrooms and another bathroom.

A dark-hued statement wall emphasizes the vaulted ceiling, as do pendant and recessed lights. Original brick mantels and wooden floors lend visual interest and texture to the space. The rear patio looks like a nice spot for a cocktail party, thanks to its covered porch, fruit trees, and paving (though the HVAC unit perched on the porch roof does make us a bit nervous). The 1,469-square-foot cottage comes with low bills, thanks to leased solar panels and a low-risk flood zone.

It’s asking $439,000.

Via: Rachael Kansas of RE/MAX