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Report: Once people buy homes in New Orleans, they tend to stick around for a while

Surprise, surprise!

Once people buy homes in New Orleans, they tend to stick around, says a report by online lending company LendingTree.

That’s not terribly surprising, considering that Louisiana has one of the highest rates of native-born residents in the country, according to a 2014 study by the New York Times. Could it be something in the water (maybe the brain-eating amoebas)? Or an affinity for crawfish and Carnival? For whatever reason, people born here tend to want to stay here—and so do people who aren’t from here.

Per the report, New Orleans is No. 5 on the list of 50 major cities where residents stay the longest. The average homebuyer spends 7.48 years in their home, which has a median value of $193,100.

Of the top five places where people stay put the longest, New Orleans is the only city that’s not in the northeast. The top four cities are Pittsburgh, New York City, Buffalo, New York, and Philadelphia.

Analysts pulled data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey in 2018 to arrive at these conclusions.

The full report is available here.