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Results from Bike Easy’s three-month bike lane demonstration project are in

Locals are in favor of the new bike infrastructure

Last fall, Bike Easy and its partners took on a three-month project called Connect the Crescent. The project aimed to improve, update, and connect existing pieces of bike infrastructure by adding temporary features such as protected bike lanes, striping, and roadways. It basically was a way to test-drive road renovations—and make sure they improved conditions for people who get around by walking, biking, or riding public transportation— before installing them permanently.

In September 2018, more than 200 volunteers created this temporary infrastructure, which was funded by grants, sponsorships, and in-kind donations. Over the next three months, cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists became guinea pigs.

Now the results are in. Bike Easy released a report today detailing its findings. Most notably, bike ridership increased up to 84 percent, and maximum car speeds decreased by up to 26 percent. Around 87 percent of residents surveyed were in favor of the test infrastructure becoming permanent.

“The City looks forward to furthering the dialogue around safe bicycle infrastructure, especially as we embark on a city-wide bike network planning process,” Office of Transportation director Laura Bryan said in a press release.

The Connect the Crescent report is available here.