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Former corner store in Old Algiers hits the market for $399K

Photos courtesy Michael Verderosa of Latter & Blum

Built circa 1880, this Old Algiers home has a former life as a corner store, as evidenced by its awning-shaded, lopped-off corner. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home makes good use of this architectural novelty, which faces the open living area at a 45-degree angle. There, you’ll also find a high transom window, which may have topped a wall of shelves back in the day.

The 1,776-square-foot interior feels spacious thanks to 14-foot ceilings and hardwood floors. Highlights of the kitchen include quartz countertops, subway tiles, and pendant lights.

Historically, corner shop owners lived inside their businesses—and though this single-family home no longer serves as a store, it does conceal a music studio behind the living area’s sliding barn door. This feature combines with the three-lot backyard, porches, and a pergola to create what may be the ultimate party house.

It’s going for $399,000.

Via: Michael Verderosa of Latter & Blum Inc.