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City officials ramp up fines for cars parked in bike lanes

The fine increased from $40 to $300

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Attention, motorists: if you’ve ever felt tempted to park in a designated bike lane, know that it’s more important now than ever to restrain yourself. That’s because the fine for parking in a bike lane has increased from $40 to $300.

“Residents need to know that the stakes of improper parking in lanes for bicyclists are going to start getting higher this month,” said Office of Transportation Director Laura Bryan in a press release.

Last month, the City Council approved the fine increase by a unanimous vote.

“Safety on every level is a top priority for my administration,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “Whether you’re a motorist, bicyclist, pedestrian, or transit rider, the city is going to be pushing hard to enforce policies that save lives and protect our people.”

The fine increase comes on the tails of a number of initiatives designed to make New Orleans roads safer for all residents. Cantrell’s administration will invest $10 million into building 75 miles of bikeways via the Moving New Orleans Bikes initiative. Last fall, Bike Easy spearheaded a three-month project that installed temporary bike infrastructure for testing purposes.

Want to share your thoughts with Mayor Cantrell and other city officials? A series of seven public meetings about the coming bikeways concludes this Thursday, April 18. A meeting for District D takes place April 16; and a meeting for District E happens April 17. Thursday’s open house-style meeting starts at 6 p.m. at the East New Orleans Regional Library (5641 Read Boulevard).

A group bike ride to the meeting commences at 4:30 p.m. Participants can meet at Sojourner Truth (2200 Lafitte Avenue) and bike together to the East New Orleans Regional Library. Visit Bike Easy for more info.