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Here’s how a new, Instagram-worthy mural in Gretna gives back to the community

Created by artist Keith Eccles, the street art will appear in a national Popeyes commercial

Photos courtesy Popeyes

A 24’-by-35’ piece of of street art appeared last month at River Shack Tavern (714 1st Street) in Gretna. It’s the work of artist Keith Eccles, who expresses his lurid, pop art-esque style as a muralist, high school art teacher, and tattoo artist.

“I grew up not too far away from here, so it is special to be able to be giving back to the community that I grew up in. I teach at West Jefferson High School, so the kids I teach at my school live in this area and can see this mural, and that’s special,” Eccles told WGNO’s News with a Twist.

The colorful spot is already trending on Instagram—with good cause. For every photo posted of the mural with the tag #Popeyes, Popeyes will donate $1 to the Gretna Food Bank, up to a max of $5,000.

The painting was commissioned by Popeyes and will appear in a national commercial for the fried chicken brand this month.

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