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An almost-new cottage overlooking the Lafitte Greenway’s playground seeks $335K

The compact, modern home uses its limited square footage very wisely

Photos courtesy Ninh Tran of Rêve Realtors

Built in 2017, this 1,255-square-foot cottage is outstanding for spatial reasons: both its efficient use of its tight square footage and its advantageous position facing the Lafitte Greenway. Let’s explore the former first.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom cottage sits at 2016 St. Louis Street on one of New Orleans’ signature shoebox-shaped lots. These long, narrow plots of land easily accommodated shotgun homes in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but as lifestyles changed, so did homeowners’ desires for privacy. Existing shotgun homes are often remodeled to include hallways, but this comes at the cost of livable square footage.

This home’s innovative floor plan maximizes both its living area and its bedrooms’ privacy by placing the main entrance and open living area in the home’s center. Two bedrooms sandwich the living area, so it’s not necessary to walk through an intimate space in order to access the kitchen or the bedroom. (By contrast, so many antique shotgun homes stack three bedrooms in a row and place the bathroom and kitchen in the home’s rear.)

Cathedral ceilings, large windows and transoms, and open kitchen shelving enhance the home’s sense of spaciousness.

With the possible exception of a wood-paneled foyer, which could double as a bar or work area, there are no hallways in the home. It manages to squeeze a few luxuries—a pantry, walk-in-closet, and laundry room—into its 1,255 square feet.

Outdoor features including a front porch, covered side porch, and cute, light-strung rear patio expand the home’s livable area. But the best outdoor feature of all is the home’s location overlooking the Lafitte Greenway’s playground. That address also places it right between the French Quarter and Bayou St. John.

It’s going for $335,000.

Via: Ninh Tran of Rêve Realtors

Lafitte Greenway

Lafitte Greenway, New Orleans, LA 70119

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