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Rustic French Quarter condo on a storied plot of land asks $239K

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Two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a fantastic Royal Street location

Photos courtesy Steve Richards of Latter & Blum Inc

Because the French Quarter is comprised of expensive, in-demand real estate stock, property owners tend milk every inch of their historic structures for livable space. Often, that means squeezing apartments into traditionally unappealing areas: attics, windowless studios, cramped carriage houses and the like.

But sometimes, homeowners creatively use these spaces in ways that work. Case in point: this third-floor condo on Royal Street. The main issues here include steeply sloping vaulted ceilings and a dearth of natural light. This 900-square-foot condo addresses the former challenge by tucking storage areas into the lowest-ceilinged corners. It also carves out cozy nooks by the dormer windows.

Those windows go a long way in admitting natural light to the rustic attic apartment, as do a slew of skylights. The floor plan places two narrow, windowless bedrooms along the condo’s perimeter, and here, glass French doors save the day, providing both sunlight and (if curtained) privacy.

Featuring exposed beams and brick, this two bedroom, one-bathroom condo is one of seven in the building. It sits on a plot of land with records dating back to 1722, which is when Jean Baptiste Raphael built a hut there. The asking price is $239,000.

Via: Steve Richards of Latter & Blum Inc

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